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Atlanta Pride Festival

Atlanta Pride traces it’s roots back to the summer of 1970, one year after the historic Stonewall Riots in New York. Since that time, Atlanta Pride has grown both as an event and organization. Highlights from the past decades include incredible speakers, such as Coretta Scott King and Rep. John Lewis, and momentous occasions, such as the repeal of anti-gay sodomy laws.

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Augusta Pride

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Central Alabama Pridefest

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Central Arkansas Pride - Little Rock Arkansas

Central Arkansas Pride started off with just a parade in 2013 drawing in around 700 people.  In just 3 short years, we never could have imagined how quickly we would grow.  In 2014 we added the Little Rock Pride Fest to our event and drew in nearly 1,500 people.  In 2015, our event had taken off and brought in nearly 3,000 people and gained the support of major companies such as Burger King and The Little Rock Marriott in Downtown.

We are more than just a festival.  We are a community of individuals who believe in giving back and building up the community.  We founded the PFLAG Scholarship Program in 2014 granting a single scholarship to a graduating high school senior.  This year we added the John Schenck and Robert Loyd Continuing Education Scholarship and now grant 3 scholarships between the two. We have provided support to programs such such as CAR’s youth program, the Diamond State Rodeo Association, Conway Pride, and the marriage equality plaintiffs.  We have also partnered with local organizations to provide community events and education.

As we continue to grow, our efforts continue to help build a stronger community not only in Arkansas but in Little Rock.

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